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Agriculture sector continues to accommodate the major share of the workforce. The sector is prone to output fluctuations even after establishing better input facilities and technology like irrigation, High yielding seeds, changes in cropping pattern etc. The industry is growing at a steady pace and with the forecast of a Sub - normal monsoon in the coming season the outlook for the industry and the Company appears reasonably moderate. This is the global pattern and the company is gearing up to meet the Challenges and maintain the growth rate.

NetMatrix core competency is in the manufacture of crop protection chemicals/ Technical Grade products and would strategically strive to build up capacities and enhance the company profile both in domestic and global markets in technical’s and formulations.

As a long term strategy the vision of the company is to become a renowned and reliable source in domestic as well as global end users by meeting quality standards in the field of agro chemicals business through launching of new products. The Company has been a front-runner in practicing good corporate governance, adopting global standards.
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