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The company takes adequate care for proper treatment of wastes generated from the process. Treatment facilities include incinerator for liquid Organic Waste, Forced evaporation systems to treat industrial liquid waste water to solid. Solid wastes generated from the plants are disposed to a land fill constructed by Government approved agencies (T.S.D.F.).
The Environment and safety policy adopted by NetMatrix Crop Care Limited Includes
Best Manufacturing Practices ensuring employee’s safety and occupational health.
Good track records on safety and loss prevention / minimization.
Necessary facilities to treat liquid / solid waste and air emission that contain pollutants, in accordance with the requirements of the Concerned Pollution Control Boards.
Strict adherence and complying with rules and regulations of The Government, statutory & regulatory authorities on Safety, Health and Environment Protection.
Fire fighting hand appliances and Fire Hydrant systems are provided.
Personal protective equipments are in place and in use.
Risk analyses are being carried out periodically.
Medical support is available to attend to occupational health related problems and supervision of trained first-aid providers.

NetMatrix’s motto from the very beginning has been to save energy in whatever manner it could and the plant personnel are regularly collecting and monitoring specific energy consumption data and regularly adopting changes, where ever needed, towards conservation of energy effectively at the manufacturing facilities.

The manufacture of the Crop Care Chemicals of Technical Grades of high purity is highly power intensive and the major cost drivers are power and coal. In order to conserve energy, NetMatrix carries out Energy Audits at its manufacturing facilities periodically and adopts the various suggestions given by the Energy Auditors resulting in effective conservation of energy.
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